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Be Modern Electric Stoves

The Be Modern Qube electric stove features a huge fan with 2kW of power to warm the room in just a few seconds. The stove is small and electric stove fireplace can be installed in a fireplace or freestanding. The LED lights of the unit create an authentic flame effect. The stove also comes with two heat settings and the light-only option for white Electric fireplace stove your convenience.

Be Modern Banbury electric stove

The Be Modern Banbury electric stove features a stylish Matt Black finish and a 2kW heat output. It also has an adjustable flame effect with a glowing log bed and realistic log lighting. The stove uses the latest LED flame technology to create realistic flame effects. The low energy consumption of this stove is a major benefit.

The Be Modern Banbury electric fireplace stove is perfectly suited to the standard 16" fireplace opening. The flame effect on the stove is realistic. It also has the ability to control the thermostat and side controls. It boasts a long life and uses a minimal amount of energy. The Be Modern Banbury is a beautiful addition to any home.

The vonhaus electric stove heater stove from Be Modern Banbury is a fantastic alternative to traditional wood stoves. It creates a warm, cozy ambience and is perfect for any room. This electric stove can be used year-round unlike a traditional wood burning stove. You can regulate the temperature of the heat it produces and select between 1 or 2 Kw. The stove also features an effect that mimics the look of a real wood fireplace.

Be Modern Espire electric stove

The Be Modern Espire Electric Stove in Matt Black Finish 15784 is a freestanding timber electric stove with a stunning flame design and realistic glowing coal bed. With its 2kW power output, it is an excellent alternative to a traditional wood burner. It comes with a 2-year warranty and can be used in any space of your home.

It is easy to install and comes with manual controls. The hinged door conceals the controls. The Be Modern Espire electric stove is easily put in the center of a room or in the corner. A decorative flue outlet can be incorporated when desired.

The Be Modern Espire adam oslo electric inset stove Stove with Matt Black Finish 15784 has a glowing coal bed and a genuine coal fuel bed. The stove can be controlled thermostatically using the remote control or manually override. The Espire is available in matt black or white electric fireplace stove [My Web Site] ash. The Espire Electric Stove is capable of producing 2 kW heat and is covered by a 2-year warranty.

Modern Qube electric stove

The freestanding Be Modern Qube electric stove features modern styling and an inviting ambience. Available in a Matt Black finish, the Qube is able to be set up alongside a fireplace or sat by itself as a stand-alone feature. It's a simple plug-in it takes to ignite the atmosphere and keep the room cozy.

The Be Modern Qube electric stove is sleek and modern in design and an edge-door view window. The stove's glowing log fuel bed and realistic flame effect creates a wood fired effect. The stove features thermostat controls, a warm log effect, and a realistic flame.

With a 2-kW heat output it is the Be Modern Qube can be easily set up in a fireplace or put up on its own in a room. The fan-heater on the bottom offers an additional 2kW of heat. The sleek design is complemented by its stylish silver door handle.
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